"University of California-Berkeley anthropologist Nancy Scheper-Hughes has spent her career tracking and fighting the illegal trade in human organs. Scheper-Hughes, co-founder and director of Organs Watch and an adviser to the World Health Organization, has visited African and South American dialysis units, organ banks, police morgues, and hospitals, investigating this black market. Ethan Watters talks about the hidden global market in human flesh and about Scheper-Hughes’s work tracking and fighting it."

July, 2014. 

"In his new book, Crazy Like Us: The Globalization of the American Psyche, author Ethan Watters writes that American culture is not only changing the way the world treats mental illness, but is actually altering the symptoms and prevalence of the diseases themselves. He talks about the recent spread of American ideas of psychiatric disorders and asks: is it really good for the world's mental health?"

January, 2010. 

"Ethan Watters is tracking mental illness around the globe, and he is finding that the world is going crazy—American style. As doctors and pharmaceuticals cross borders, illnesses as defined by Western medicine, like depression and anorexia, are popping up in places they never before occurred while local ways of understanding mental health issues—from melancholy to what we call schizophrenia—are being lost. We talk about cultural differences in understandings of the inner life, and why homogenization might not be a good thing."

August, 2010.

"Journalist Ethan Watters says the US isn't just exporting its music and movies: it's homogenizing the way the world goes mad."

June, 2013.